You can add a variety of cheeses, bacon, or chives Sour Cream Waffle I use homemade mashed potatoes, but instant work just as well View Recipe this link opens in a new tabBaked chantilly mashed potatoes with a cheese topping potatoes au gratin, creamy cheddar & monterey jack cheese blend, leeks, jalapeno 1040 cal | 15 Credit: Kim's Cooking Now Smoked Salmon Everything Bagel, Tomato, Red Onion, Cream Cheese, Capers E ntree s CMellow serves a one of a kind pizza pie50 bagel, cream cheese Using leftover mashed potatoes in another potato dish makes a whole lot of sense to us, too Fruit Plate mixture of strawberries, blueberries, pineapple topped with housemade chantilly whipped cream & pistachio tuille prepared without pistachio tuille 220 calRoasted Potatoes served with choice of Smoked Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage "I made these exactly as directed using Swiss Gruyere cheese," reviewer Kim's Cooking Now saysMellow Mushroom makes the best pizza in Chantilly, VA Our unique restaurant is close to the Washington Dulles Airport and is located just a short distance from the Air and Space Museum, Mellow is a favorite among locals in both Chantilly and the surrounding areas, as well as visitors to the areapotatoes lyonnaise, choice of bacon or sausage, brioche toast Roasted Apple, Chantilly, Orange-Maple Syrup, and served with choice of Smoked Bacon, Ham, Sausage, or Plant-based Sausage Croque Madame* $15 grilled ham, fried egg, sauce mornay "Elegant and sophisticated French Toast $16 new jersey blueberries, lime chantilly cream Smoked Salmon Tartine* $17FLEMING'S POTATOES Smoked Salmon $12 Buttermilk Pancakes $14 maple syrupAug 31, 2020 Chantilly Potatoes in a yellow casserole dish